Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Winter Rap Up

It's been a long winter. This image is my car after a March ice storm (no damage done). Note the spiffy new Vermont tags on the car!

This winter was one for the record books, literally. All-time snowfall records were set state-wide. Burlington, VT (to our north) received 120.2 inches of snow this winter (or about 10" more than the previous all time record). I told folks before we moved here that I only grew tired of winter once in my life. That total has been doubled.

Our last snow (so far) was Saturday (April 12). There was no accumulation, but we had driving snow showers all day long. The snowpack on the mountains is still over 60" in most places, though the snow on the lower elevations has been gone for over two weeks at this point.

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