Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Signs of Life

Slowly, Spring is catching up to us. Nothing pleases a future farmer more than the sight of young snow peas stretching for the sky. In addition, recent surveys reveal small arugula, kale, and broccoli sprouts are joining the horticultural ranks. The potatoes that we planted last week are just beginning to green. As per tradition, April's farewell gift to us was a few days of cool rain. We felt lucky; most of April was dry (except, of course, on the days we had flurries!).

As the introspection of winter wanes, one welcomes the promise of new discoveries. Part of the fun of living here is that Ken and Linda, the former owners, are avid gardeners. Already established in a neat row behind the workshop are a row of blackberry bushes. Not far away from the blackberries, one of a row of cherry trees is now at the height of a full, snowy blossom.

A neat patch of rhubarb with its leafy-crowned, ruby stems is looking more ready each day for early summer jamming.

Judging from the nightly wossails of the local frogs in Otter Creek and the number of avian visitors that appear, the local ecosystem is in good shape. The cherry trees are attracting buzzing clouds of pollinating insects: bumble bees, honey bees, the smaller orchard bees and wasps. With all the news about declining populations of bees and other helpful garden dwellers, we feel as if our endeavors might stand a chance. Here's looking forward to summer.

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Anonymous said...

HOORAY for buying the farm (in the literal rather than the figurative sense)!!! The pictures are beautiful.

Not to be nosy or nuthin', but one of my oldest friends--we were born on the same day and have been friends since kindergarten--lives in Rutland right now; her mom and mom's partner live in an amazing working (very small) farm just north of there. They are UUs, too, just by coincidence, and attend the UU church in Rutland, I believe. If you'd like, I'd be happy to put you in touch with them. Let me know.

Oh, and please send me your current address... all I have is the Middlebury one.